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Friday, April 20, 2012

Experimental Boxes

Hello there,
Just thought I'd post a couple of boxes created from the Tie the Knot cartridge. One is dry embossed the other just left by itself.  I loved how each came together so quickly. If one was doing a mass production, these would be good choices in my opinion. Fancy no....Easy yes... No glue!!
I have noticed in my crafting, I am definitely an event kind of person. Whether it be a shower, birthday, wedding or just because, I tend to be the queen of quantity!
A couple of thoughts:
*Try to find the paper  at a reasonable price. Either plan ahead or use the coupons, and of course the "stacks" can be a good choice as all colors are coordinating.
*Find a size that you can fit at least two to a page, this creates less waste, time spent and cost.
*I notice I am willing to put in the extra time to emboss or embellish, especially if you use what's already on hand makes it  cost effective,  but that doesn't have to be the case. Think outside the box with textured paper and other easy extras.
I know that I love to look at your blogs for ideas and inspiration and sometimes it's nice to be reminded of little tips or tricks.
Thank you. Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to posting the Bridal Shower projects I have been working on.

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