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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank You For My Blogger Award

Thank you Pam for your sweet comment and my award!
Pam (AKACraftyK)http://www.pjscreativecorner.blogspot.com/

Rules for the Irrisistible Sweet Blog Award:
1.Send a thankyou to the person who nominated you for the award and include a link to their blog (thanks again Pam!)
2.To accept the award, list 7 random facts about yourself
3.Pass the award onto 8 other awesome blog buddies

7 random things about me:
I love to read
I enjoy getting up before everyone else to enjoy my quiet time
Love to go dancing with my husband
Struggling to get back on the diet and exercise wagon
Autumn is my favorite season
The older I get, the more I appreciate my girlfriends
I wish I could enjoy the moment more and not worry about the "next thing"

I am passing this onto 8 wonderful Bloggers!
Cely http://www.hawaiipaperparty.blogspot.com/

Raven http://www.love4stamps.blogspot.com/

Jovan http://www.cardsbyjovan.com/
Patti http://www.pattiscards.blogspot.com/
Carri AKA Busy Bee http://www.doubleclickconnections.blogspot.com/
flowerdisco http://www.flowerdiscosscraphut.blogspot.com/
Robin http://www.thecricutscrapper.blogspot.com/
Ella http://www.uniquelyella.blogspot.com/


Cely said...

Lol, thank you! I'm putting your name on my sidebar for this award. :) I've never seen autumn! I need to make it out to see family in the fall so I can actually see whats up with the trees! LOL!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Congrats on your award! And thanks for thinking of me! I too wish I could live more in the moment, I am so busy worry about the future I forget that I am living now!